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The first Libraries for All Computer Lab

Hello all! The project is going as planned and I am very excited to be traveling in less than five weeks to foresee and be a part of the library’s completion and opening! This blog is a call for fundraising for the computer lab in the library. The small town of Norton, as mentioned earlier posts, is a place forgotten and overlooked by the nation. There are minimal levels of job opportunities and low levels to accessing education in Norton. Hence, the installment of a computer lab can aid with providing resources and information, to individuals looking to expand their heights of knowledge.

The computer lab is planned to be powered through solar panels so it is eco-friendly, sustainable, and useable throughout the many power outages that Zimbabwe faces. With this the community will now be able to surf the internet for their necessities and requirements, inclusive of learning new topics, research, and communication. Additionally, they can also attain proficiency in the fields of Microsoft Word, Excel, and other platforms needed to hold a job in our globalizing world. The fitting of a computer lab to the library, also acts as a way to empower populations that are often disregarded, and furthers education, thereby positively impacting every area of the community. The goal as of now, is to raise funds for laptops and required cabling.

Here is the link ( to my GoFundMe page, and any and all donations are welcome, and will be much appreciated!

Stay tuned for further updates on the library!

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