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A call for your help!

I just have returned home and am so grateful that I went to Uganda. It has been a crazy busy, yet wonderful adventure.

The library is doing amazingly well, every day when I go in I see many people using it and reading. There was a man who I saw sitting and reading everyday in the library. It is a great resource for the community and is helping many people educate themselves and help them learn english!

The sustainability part is also going well, during this trip I have been able to sit down with Alice (the librarian) and work with her on making the most out of the business services.

The services one can find at the library are typing, printing, scanning, binding, faxing, phone charging, and hopefully laminating. All of these services are needed by the community here and are offered at a low enough price that they are affordable while still profitable for the library.

But, we have used up our small amount of funds to set up the project and I am now making a call out to you, my readers and supporters, to ask for donations towards a good quality laminator and the supplies it needs. Alice had one that a volunteer left here years ago, but it wasn’t a great one. This is something that the community has expressed a need for, and we are hoping to find funds for.

Any amount helps!

*Also it is tax deductible!*

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