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Back in Uganda!

After almost 2 years of being away from my first library, I have finally returned back! I am here for 12 days with my mom, and one of my best friends, Madrona.

Besides just wanting to see the library, we have a lot of other projects to work on here. The big one I am focusing on is helping the library become sustainable.

What this means is that it can fully sustain itself, all the money coming in pays for the expenses. For the library, this means that it can produce enough funds to cover the librarian's salary, cost of electricity, and cost of WiFi. We are hoping to accomplish this by offering business services to the locals that come with a small fee. This includes Scanning, printing, photocopying, laminating, binding, and more.

This trip is also a great time to enjoy Uganda and learn more about HOCW because it has grown a lot since my last trip.

More posts to come soon!

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