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Meet the librarian!

Hello everyone, I am still currently in Malawi but I wanted to let everyone know about the library's wonderful librarian! Her Name is Alice, and she is 19 years old.

Alice is a refugee from the Congo, who has been in Uganda for a little over a year. Alice didn't know English at all when she first came to Uganda. But, she took all the English courses offered at HOCW over the last year, so now Alice is great a speaking and understanding English.

Alice will be employed at the library full time, which includes breakfast and lunch at HOCW. She is really excited to have a job because many Ugandans, especially refugees, have a really hard time finding a job. So, when Bolingo (the director of HOCW) told Alice that she should apply to be the librarian, she got very excited for the opportunity and even more excited when Bolingo accepted her aplication.

Alice will spend her days organizing books in the library, accounting for everyone who uses the library, cleaning the library, and organizing movie screenings and other community events.

I'm so thrilled that Alice is the librarian, she is definitely the right person for the Job!

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