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The library is Complete!

This morning the library was finished! We spent 3 ½ days total to complete the library, we started each day at 7:00 am and didn’t stop until it was dark out, the last night we even stayed there until past midnight! We worked all hours of the day so we could wrap up the library before the party, which was planned for Monday.

Originally, we had hoped to have a full week to work on the library, but because customs took much longer than expected, we had to rush the building process.

Luckily, Justin and Patrick (the two men from Seattle coming to build the library structure) came and only had to waste one of there 5 days in Uganda at customs. We were worried that we couldn’t push it through customs fast enough, but we took matters into our own hands and went to the main corporate office to talk to some higher ups and it worked! We were able to speed up the process and get the container delivered the same day.

The container arrived at HOCW in the late afternoon, and once it got there we automatically started sorting books and building the structure. The next 3 ½ days we worked and worked so it could be completed for the community library opening party.

We started with the foundation, then put up the walls and the roof, then we painted the outside and inside, installed windows and the door, placed the flooring inside, built all the shelves for the books, and frantically put in the books and final touches the morning of the party.

None of this would have been possible without all the amazing support I received from people all along this journey. I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible, whether you are back home in Seattle or in our new home at HOCW.

NOTE: The library was completed on July 24, 2017. Due to poor WiFi and traveling to a new country (I'm currently in Malawi) I wasn't able to find WiFi and post this blog until today (August 6th, 2017) but it was written the day of the completion.

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