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Visiting local schools!

For the past two days we have visited 8 schools in the local Ndejje area (where HOCW is located). We went to visit 25 kids who have been sponsored by friends and family. The children are refugees from South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and also Ugandan children living in poverty. Many were without parents and not one had a chance of going to school without help.

Uganda has public schools, but the education is barely adequate; the teachers are sadly underpaid and often under-qualified, class sizes are tremendous, and the facilities are insufficient. The public schools have only been around for 20 years which is why they are still developing. Because of this many families put their children into private schools, even if it is a huge sacrifice.

The schools we visited were all private, and they were amazing ! At the first school we visited, they prepared three songs for us and preformed them. The songs were beautiful, and they were choreographed too! At each school we saw the classrooms, met teachers, and got to see the children in their great uniforms. Each school we went to we were welcomed and honored.

It was a dream come true to meet all the children we had just seen pictures of, hopefully we will be able to meet them again at HOCW before we leave.

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