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Setting the stage!

To build a sustainable library, you need a strong partner like Hope of Children and Women (HOCW).

HOCW is a non-profit located in Ndejje, Uganda. It is one of the only for refugees by refugees organization in the world. They focus on instilling hope, providing opportunities and offering support to victims of violence around the compound.

The people they serve is mostly refugees, but they don't turn anyone away who are in need of help.

The library will be located in a central area for the community to be able to easily use.

HOCW has two properties about 1/2 a block away from each other. The first property has the directors house, a volunteer house, a computer lab, and a tailoring/sewing room.The second property has the main office, a couple classrooms, the Cantina, a grassy common area, and soon the library!

If you are interested in learning more about HOCW here is there website:

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