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We Arrived in Uganda!

After a long journey from Seattle, Washington to Uganda we finally made it! The plane ride was 15 hours to Dubai from Seattle, and another 5 hours from Dubai to Entebbe. Then we drove to Hope of Children and Women (where the library is being built). We were picked up by Candice, a HOCW volunteer from Canada, and Adolphe , an English teacher from HOCW.

We were surprised at the drive to HOCW because the traffic here is crazy. Even in the capital city, Kampala, roads go from paved to unpaved to dirt and back again. The roads and soil are bright orange, which makes everything else look very green. The landscape is really lush and beautiful.

Just from the drive, we saw that life here is very different from life in the US. We were surprised to see the amount of litter, and the amount of poverty that seems to be everywhere but the people here make up for it. Every person we pass says hello, and genuinely wants to know how our day is. They are all more kind and welcoming than we could ever imagine. The sense of community here is also wonderful. There are always little kids running around and everyone watches out for them even if they don't know the child. Everyone here seems to know all of their neighbors, and the community acts as one big family.

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