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Shipping everything off to Uganda!

Just an hour ago, the container left West Seattle and started its journey towards Uganda! We planned and planned just for everything to go out the window and chaos to follow..

The original schedule had the shipping container arriving at 10 am and the Structure for the library to arrive around noon. Well, the container arrived at 1 pm and the structure didn't arrive until 6 pm! On top off everything, King 5 news was there to get all of the action of moving everything (but everything was late). The next issue that arose was that the structure was designed to be moved directly off the truck and slide right into the container. But, of course that plan didn't come together either! The container was placed in such a way that the structure couldn't slide in, so we quickly pulled together a group of amazing friends and family to lift each heavy piece into the container. Between the pouring rain and walls that were at least 400 pounds, I was worried about everything getting in the container in time to be picked up. Some how, the structure got into the container and the next morning all of the books got in too and everything was complete.

After a long two days, the container was picked up on time and is on its way to Hope of Children and Women Uganda!

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